Jk’s policy in relation to Covid19

JK’s Policy, in order to keep staff and customers
Meeting and greeting
We will have a sign on the door (and where possible tell customers on the phone whilst booking) that we expect customers to sanitise at the front door with the sanitiser provided, and to wait outside until a member of staff can meet and greet you, to show you to your table to avoid gathering at the front of the building. We will have clear markers on the floor, to allow you, and and us to know the safe distance in which to stand.
Table service- Our tables have been positioned with Social distancing as one of our top priorities it has been observed with two-meter safe distance, with 1 meter plus where unavoidable. We have also tried to position them so that tables will have their backs to one another where possible.
On arrival you will be told the new blackboard system, as we won’t have any hand held menus available. You will also be asked to sanitise on table 5 should you wish to use the loo, and also to use it when coming back past to your table, there will also be a sanitising station in the toilet to be used too. Also, youll be advised in leaving through our exit after their meal to avoid any crossing over of tables at the front door.
We want as little physical contact with you as possible, but still to maintain top service. You will be offered your drinks as soon as you are seated, to avoid going backwards and forwards unnecessarily. We will pre pour bottled soft drinks/beer etc, to avoid having any bottles other than wine on the table. We will only take cutlery napkins, plates, condiments etc once the food is ready, to avoid having anything on the table that can be contaminated.
We will refrain from service checking to reduce contact, so if you need anything, please get a member of staffs attention.
We have made sure there is an extra member of staff on each shift, to ensure the maximum amount of cleaning shall be put into place.
This included regular sanitizing of touchpoints, staff trained to handwash of a minimum of 20 seconds between serving tables. There is also a cleaning rota in the toilet, which will need to be checked regularly, cleaned down in a disposable apron, including sanitizing all touch points, and the deposal of the bin bag. After this is done, we expect the paper work to be filled in each time.
We will ensure there is enough time between tables being changed over, to thoroughly clean down the tables between each sitting. This will include table tops as usual, backs of chairs and seats. Please use blue roll to do this, then dispose of immediately please. Taking care to wash your hands and sanitise them before and after doing so. The tables WILL NOT be laid up for the next customer.
There will be a marker on the floor to separate front of house and the chef whilst collecting food. Waiting staff shall wait outside the kitchen door, until told to start taking the food, while the chef stands back.
Outside seating
The same information given as inside tables, with the addition of being told not to enter the building through the side door, as this will be used purely as an exit (Exit sign installed)
There will be a black board menu for outside, so customers will not need to come inside to view the menu. We would like to encourage outside seating as much as possible, however, this will not be possible if it’s raining, even with the parasoles. There for, we cannot take bookings for outside, unless it’s for the same day and we know it will be dry.
We also need to tell any customers, that if it rains unexpectedly, there may not be any room inside if there aren’t any free tables. We certainly can’t have people gathering inside to stay dry. So, its important people eat outside at their own risk of it raining (THIS IS ENGLAND….) We are happy for dishes to be left outside on the tables until customers leave, (unless they want dessert to anything else) to avoid as little contact as possible.
The same clean down and sanitise expected as inside table please.
Bookings/track and trace requirement
When taking bookings, if unsure, please give the phone to management.
We have to do a track and trace system, which requires contact details of each customer, which we have to keep for 21 days.
This includes everyone.
When bookings are taken over the phone, be sure to take name and contact details of each household dining (two bubbles for example) For any walk-in customers, there will be a separate more convenient book available to take down contact details at the table. This is a requirement we have to meet, your details will be destroyed after 21 days, and will not be passed on to any third party.
Inside we are able to have one table containing a maximum of two households, including support bubbles. While outdoor gatherings should only be occuring in groups of 2 households (or support bubbles) or a group of at most 6 people from any number of households maintaining social distancing.
If you suspect there is a problem, please speak to management. We may have tables that know each other, inside and outside, we need to ensure that they keep their distance, maintain social distancing, this includes ensuring there is no gathering at any point. We have the right to refuse alcohol, if we feel this becomes an issue with certain parties not following the guidelines. Please find management should you feel this is the case.
We will be offering a lot of the menu to be available for takeaway, this will be for collection only, or local on foot delivery on new street/Highstreet. We need to be aware of collection times ensuring they don’t clash with one another.
We will accept cash, but please encourage card, contactless. This is now a maximum £45.00 per transaction for contactless. we will ensure the card machine is sanitised between uses, as well as the till. Wash your hands as frequently as possible.